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У статті розглянуто формування та реалізацію механізмів стратегічного управління розвитком транспортного комплексу в Україні.

Ключові слова: стратегічне управління, механізм, транспортний комплекс (ТК), модель.

В статье рассмотрены формирование и реализация механизмов стратегического управления развитием транспортного комплекса в Украине.

Ключевые слова: стратегическое управление, механизм, транспортный комплекс, модель

The article is devoted to the considering the creation and implementation the mechanisms of strategic management the transport complex development in Ukraine. Distinguished that transport system of Ukraine passed through considerable stage of evolution from the command administrative system the market economy. Fundamental changes which take place in the state economy causes the need to create new system of managing the transport complex. Waiver from the methods that peculiar to the centralized planned system, the loss of the state the opportunity of direct administrative control under the transport complex requires to develop new organizational and economic mechanism of regulation the transport activity. Determined that the creation of the effectively functioned mechanism of the managing the strategic development of transport complex must grounded on the basic methodological principles which are typical for the formation the system of strategic management. Between them are: systematic, continuity, efficiency, public partnership, publicity and openness, the integration of recourses, adaptability, purposefulness, priority. It is proven that the strategy of transport complex development must based on the theory of goalprogram management and foresee the setting of strategic (global) and tactic (local) purposes, and criteria of their achievement – quantitative activities, that determine the measure or structure of the appraisal of achieving the aim in comparison with other possible variants of transport complex development. Argued that effective functioning of the mechanism of the strategic management the transport complex development determines with the availability of corresponded regulatory-legal, methodical, organizational, resort and informational maintenance of goal-program process. In other words, the management of strategy realization is the activity of government and regional authorities oriented at the concrete actions in order to carry out the organizational changes which are aimed at the achievement of strategic purposes of managing the transport complex. Grounded that in the process of working out the mechanisms of the strategic management the transport complex development in Ukraine and the program of transport complex development strategic purposes belong to the outgoing data: transport maintenance of the stable and balanced economy development; increasing the level of transport facilities of population; optimization of using of all kinds of transport complex resources that guarantee the independent effective development; insurance the social, economical and ecological security of the state, effective participation of the transport complex organizations in the realization the public policy in the sphere of transport; structural reconstruction of the transport complex that make for achievement the purposes of perspective territory development and realization of goal state projects and programs.

Key words: strategic management, mechanism, transport complex, model.

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