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У статті визначено цілі, ресурси, структури та основні принципи формування транспортної політики міст, зокрема принцип системного підходу, комплексності та координації, принцип логістики, підвищення доступності та безпеки, зонування й резервування, сталого розвитку, ефективного використання транспортної системи та платності. Розглянуто засоби сприяння і протидії розвитку суспільно-економічних відносин у транспортній сфері міст. Запропоновано напрями діяльності місцевих органів влади щодо збалансованого розви- тку транспортної системи міст.

Ключові слова: місцеві органи влади, транспортна система, транспортна політика, місто

В статье обозначены цели, ресурсы, структуры и основные принципы формирования транспортной политики городов, а именно принцип системного подхода, комплексности и координации, принцип логистики, зонирования и резервирования, повышения доступности и безопасности, устойчивого развития, эффективного использования транспортной системы и платности. Рассмотрены способы содействия и противодействия развитию социально-экономических отношений в транспортной сфере городов. Предложены направления деятельности местных органов власти для сбалансированного развития транспортной системы городов.

Ключевые слова: местные органы власти, транспортная система, транспортная политика, город

The transport system is one of the main systems, that are forming cities, and needs to adapt to current realities, demographic, industrial, territorial changes. Presence of problems concerning the use of transport infrastructure, migration and financial resources required to pay attention to the activities of the government to find solutions. Problem to determine the composition and activities of local authorities on balanced development of the transport system of cities. Priority activities of local authorities on balanced development of the transport system of cities is to develop a rational transport policy. It was found that in view of the needs and resources of the development of transport policy can be carried out mainly in urban areas, which are regional centers. The aim of transport policy should be to promote sustainable urban development through the creation of a transport system in which the priority role of public transport. The measures of assistance and combating certain social and economic relations in transport sphere of the cities have been determined. The content of the basic principles of sustainable development of the transport system of the city has been exposed. In particular, this principles are: a systematic approach, complexity and coordination, logistics, improving accessibility and safety, zoning and reservation, sustainable development and effective use of the transport system and payment. The necessity of implementation coordinated management in the transport sector by local authorities has been proved. Directions activities of relevant structures in the executive bodies of local governments with: develop a transport policy perspective of the city, which correlates with its master plan and other municipal plans and programs, prepare legal documents that ensure implementation of transport policy and monitoring its implementation, organize and manage the parking spaces in the city, interact with the traffic police, working with carriers, to develop projects of private enterprise partnership with local authorities in the transport sector, to create equal competitive conditions in the market of transport services for operators of different forms of ownership, make proposals for subsidizing socially important routes; initiate legislative changes required to implement transport policy, conduct PR-campaign to explain the transport policy of the city, to promote the establishment of monitoring the transport of the city, etc. have been suggested. Activity of local authorities should be aimed at creating cities, which would suitable for the life of a high degree of security, people-oriented, rather than transport. This requires: – to find out the real state of the transport systems of cities; – at the city level to form structures that would coordinate all issues related to the development and operation of the transportation system.

Key words: local authorities, transport system, transport policy, city

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