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У статті розглянуто проблеми та перспективи розвитку регіонального транспортного комплексу в аспекті державного управління з урахуванням вертикальних і горизонтальних зв’язків.

Ключові слова: проблеми, перспективи, розвиток, транспортний комплекс, регіон, державне управління.

В статье рассмотрены проблемы и перспективы развития регионального транспортно- го комплекса в аспекте государственного управления с учетом вертикальных и горизонта- льных связей.

Ключевые слова: проблемы, перспективы, развитие, транспортный комплекс, регион, государственное управление.

The article deals with the problems and prospects of regional transport complex in terms of governance based on vertical and horizontal linkages. It is noted that transport is a transport economic system that provides economically and socially important services to the society. In economics, transport is an essential element of regional infrastructure and urban development, and an effective management of traffic is needed for socioeconomic policy to be perceived by the population as a successful and socially oriented. It is established that many existing regional programs of transport sector have many flaws, methodological mistakes or inaccuracies. This fact reduces the efficiency of regional transport, prevents the effective carrying out of public administration. Simultaneously, a simple program recasting of regional transport sector is no longer able to remove many of the existing negative aspects. It is necessary to improve the organizational structure of public administration functioning and development of the transport sector on regional and interregional levels. It is proved that the problems of regional transport sector include the high degree of depreciation of fixed transport assets, shortage of transportation access and opportunities, insufficient technical and technological level of transport vehicles and equipment, insufficient development of communications, transport and logistics network, a significant regional and sectoral unevenness of infrastructure development.Серія: Державне управління, 2014 р., № 1 (45) 83 The solution of these problems requires the development of adequate market approach for coordinating economic interests between the center and regions and between individual businesses and organizations, transport industry and consumers of its services. Thus the specificity of problems of public administration transport sector of the region is that in some cases there is a need to create new organizational and economic elements which take on the resolution of inter-sectoral and inter-regional issues of development and functioning transport sector based on vertical and horizontal connections. It is argued that to solve these problems the resolution of the following issues is required: the division of powers between national, interregional and regional authorities, the formation at the regional level, the able-bodied and effective structures for the regulation of the transport complex; the establishment of coordinated working mechanisms for the implementation of public transport policy at national, regional and interregional levels of administration; the formation of an effective competitive environment and indicator testing of agreed functions of transport companies in different segments of the transport market and the direction of transport corridors, observation and monitoring activities at the interregional and regional levels, including and the financial and public sector. It is proved that at the present stage of economic reforms in Ukraine there are new production and management structures that combine the methods of state influence on the development of transport complex with the operation of market mechanisms. At the same time it is required an additional justification of coherent system of organizational and economic levers of state control transport sector,

Key words: problems, prospects, development, transport sector, region and state administration.

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