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У статті висвітлено проблеми запровадження земельно-кадастрової системи на сучасному етапі розвитку земельних відносин в Україні. Визначено підходи до вдосконалення земельно-кадастрового обліку як необхідної умови функціонування системи державного управління земельними ресурсами.

Ключові слова: земельно-кадастрова система, державне управління земельними ресурсами, земельні відносини, державний земельний кадастр, кадастрово-реєстраційна система, оцінка земель

В статье исследованы проблемы внедрения земельно-кадастровой системы на современном этапе развития земельных отношений в Украине. Определены подходы к совершенствованию земельно-кадастрового учета как необходимого условия функционирования системы государственного управления земельными ресурсами.

Ключевые слова: земельно-кадастровая система, государственное управление земельными ресурсами, земельные отношения, государственный земельный кадастр, кадастрово-регистрационная система, оценка земель

Investigated the main problems of implementing land cadastre system in the current development of land relations in Ukraine. Defined approaches to improving land cadastral as a necessary condition of the system of land management. Creating an effective cadastral system is one of the most important prerequisites for sustainable development of land market relations, because it is on state land cadastre system relies solve the problem of accounting for all units of land ownership, only on its basis the real guarantee of rights to land plots with cadastre carried Land evaluation for fiscal and regulatory purposes. Current State Land Cadastre of Ukraine is characterized by a large number of problems related to the uncertainty of the legal status of land cadastral information and the conduct of the inventory, insufficient accuracy and completeness of the existing cadastral information insufficient registration information regarding restrictions on land use, automation and computerization cadastral and accounting procedures, the lack of documentary status in the electronic inventory data and more. Gaps in an effective cadastral system significantly increases the potential for conflict of land relations, as recorded in the inventory inaccuracy spatial characteristics of land prevents accurate identification of land rights and equitable resolution of land disputes. Is more complex state control over land use and protection, there are no prerequisites for regular monitoring of land and soil. Land Registry shall act as the main source of information for land management and land evaluation. According to many experts, the System of Ukraine cadastre contains significant corruption risks are mainly associated with the delegation of functions of a public register of land business entities, non-transparent administrative procedures for making and state registration of title documents for the land and so on. Thus, a very important task of land management, economic and legal science becomes developing an integrated system of measures, which will dramatically improve the land cadastre system as a tool for public land management in Ukraine. In our opinion, the current state of information provision governance agricultural land in Ukraine can be considered as not fully meet the needs, does not reflect the current state of their use and do not give the full information needed to make effective management decisions and develop measures to protect the land. Quantitative and qualitative account of land characterized by fragmentation, fragmentation of information and lack of completeness of a single state geographic information system data. Thus, the land cadastre system should be completed with information about the quality of the soil parameters of land valuation based on the implementation of geographic information technologies that integrate both semantic and cartography. Thus in a single geographic information system data should be displayed on the spatial distribution of valuable land locked and register constraints in using them and published information about the most valuable land.

Key words: land cadastral system, public land management, land relations, State Land Cadastre, cadastral registration system, valuation of land.

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