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У статті проаналізовано проблемні питання формування й реалізації основних засад державної комунікативної політики в Україні.

Ключові слова: комунікація, інформаційне суспільство, публічна інформація, доступ до інформації

В статье анализируются вопросы формирования и реализации государственной комуни- кативной политики в Украине.

Ключевые слова: коммуникация, информационное общество, публичная информация, доступ к информации.

Current crises and permanent protests in Ukrainian society indicate the existence of institutional gaps in the public management system and the adjustment is impossible without the regulation of effective communicational relations between the state bodies and society. To our mind nowadays the regulation of communication between the authority and community in all stages of planning, adoption the policy and programs is a primary and immediate task for Ukrainian state. Evidently, the principles on which the relations based are outdated and ineffective and, therefore, on the ability of the state bodies to rebuild the activity considering the real political, social and economic situation, require radical changes in the preparation and responsible decision-making mechanism, in particular in the part of the using dialogue communications in their activity as a strategic factor in the political system of the country. The connection of chosen topic with scientific and practical tasks for the state bodies of Ukraine is based on this definition. It requires to change the paradigm of basic principles of the state policy of communication in particular in development of modern information and communication technologies, the society desire to participate in decision-making, free access to public information etc. In our opinion, the best solution to the problem is the development and adoption of the Law of Ukraine “On Government communication policy”, which should be provided: definitions of “public communication policy”, “communication”, “public consultation”, “Public Opinion Research”, “electronic consultation”, “mass media” and others; principles of the public communications policy; obligations of public authorities, local governments, mass media and civil society; implementation of the main directions of the state policy of communication, in particular:

– improvement of the legal framework in the field of public utilities;

– establishing efficient and effective communication between public authorities, local governments, by the media and the public;

– conducting explanatory work among the target audience about policy priorities, mechanisms of participation in public affairs, matters of local importance;

– ensuring real inclusion of public opinion in policy-making. First of all it is necessary to focus on the following measures:

– determination of priorities in public communication, mechanisms of information and feedback coordination;

– choosing the central body of the executive power responsible for the development, coordination and control of the public communication policy realization;

– providing the cooperation, making vertical and horizontal hierarchy of communication and guiding principles of the central and other state bodies.

Key words: communication, information society, official information, e-democracy.

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