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У статті досліджено стан суспільних відносин для бізнесу та органів державної влади РФ.

Ключові слова: державне управління, зв’язки з громадськістю, Government Relations, лобізм, Public Affairs, адвокація, РФ

В статье исследуется состояние общественных взаимоотношений бизнеса и органов государственной власти РФ.

Ключевые слова: государственное управление, связи с общественностью, Government Relations, лоббизм, public affairs, адвокаси, РФ.

Until now, the domestic scientific literature has not yet been a comprehensive analysis of the Russian branch of Government Relations. Article explores the level and dynamics of Government Relations’ sphere in the Russian Federation; considers the value of GR in Russian intersectoral collaboration; explains why this aspect should be taken into account by Ukrainian businessmen and civil society activists in the process of competition or cooperation with local corporations, as well as in the case of entry to the Russian market in the context of protecting the economical interests of Ukrainian citizens and industries abroad; it analyses the legal security of the Russian branch of GR; makes recommendations for the further investigation of cross-sectoral cooperation in Russia. Scope of Government Relations in the Russian Federation is booming in both qualitative and quantitative terms. Therefore the value of GR is growing. This aspect should be considered by domestic corporations and NGOs in the process of competition or cooperation with local corporations, as well as in the case of entry into the market of the Russian Federation; Status of legitimacy activities of subjects and objects of lobbying suggests that this process is not transparent although visible trend is positive; It would be good for future research to further explore affairs with intercourse Ukrainian business and NGO institutions with central governmental authorities of the Russian Federation. Analysis of scientific publications in Ukraine suggests that the article is actually the first Ukrainian-language, published on the problems of the material. Nikolay Kasyanov, former Chairman of the Agency of Business Communications (Russia) held – it is estimated that to the cost of GR can be attributed to 20% of domestic investments in Russia and up to 20–25% of the investments by Russians abroad.

Key words: public administration, public Relations, government Relations, lobbying, public affairs, advocacy, Russia.

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